Sunday, May 3, 2009

This Shit Is Bigger Than me AND you

Jared man you was a real nigga and these days real niggas are hard to find
so i wrote this for you

"dedicate to you"
hey god its me you know how we say we all gotta go one day i dont think we ment that day but 2day id rather say thank you than just a simple rest in peace cuz today you took someone special to me was it just a sign it had to mean something cuz as you say nobody dies for nothing i figured i'd save the tears even though they help no i didnt know you forever or talk to you everyday but it was love anytime i seen your face to hear that you were gone i wanted it just to be a joke that you would arise up out the smoke damn not you all the good ones go first but instead of feeling sad ima git glad cuz you get to see a part of heaven none of us have you should see the love you getting man everybody miss you just save a spot up there in heaven when i get to be with you yeah you went a little early but god wanted his angel bacc so i gotta be okay with that but you in my heart forever i just wanted to tell you that so ima dedicate to you something im never taking bacc so everytime i think of you ill just throw on my dodger cap

thats for you ya'll aint gotta like it
buy anytime i put on my favorte dodger cap its for you
see when i see you
tell god i said what up my nigga

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