Monday, February 16, 2009

Dear Nobody,

this one gonna be short because i no longer have anything to talk about well i do but nobody reads this shit im done say goodbye this dumb shit

i just got a few questions i mean what happened to going out on dates you know like really who can honestly say they went on a date that wasnt to the movies that wasnt to go make out........ dont worry ill wait im not tryna judge cuz i've been on a date either im just saying it'll help in the long run shit like being respectful meeting they parents what happened to that
thats why most relationships fucc up cuz you dont really know each other you niggas just met in 2nd period and feel in love.... moving on

and when a mothafucca asks you tell me why....why cant you ever tell them why? example tell me why my mom got some lucky charms at the store today inno nigga maybe cuz ur momma like lucky charms shit dont ask me i dont know ur momma

and why females be acting way to proud telling everybody ur the shit doesnt make you the shit really it doesnt it makes you look like a idiot and nobody likes idiots..and stop doing that frankenstein hair shit thats stupid as fucc too

and why do i even waste typing all this shit and when nobody fuccing reads it henchs the title
"dear nobody"

and stop fuccing posting bulletins with insider jokes that nobody fuccing knows that shit is dumb tom should ban bulletin use
its not even funny to nobody but you and that other person

shit just been pissing me off lately people call me and i dont answer im labeled an asshole you cant win in this world your either settling for something you didnt really want or just taking the L on ur chest

what happened to reality everybodys in this big fanstay world with a bunch of lies but it feels too right... to speak up and say hey the sky isnt green ........... but fucc it whatever do the dumb shit you always do and enjoy yourself cuz im done fucc myspace this blog shit im done
last blog just like that .......................

Nobody Listens And Nobody Cares
so let me stop wasting my time

Sincerly Yours,
that one guy

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