Friday, December 26, 2008

boy look at YOU! you done grown up uh? shietttttt i cant call it

Since August 15, 2008 i'VE captivated you with my hilarious funny and mean stories whatever you wanna call em but the years coming to a end and i didnt even expect to let it go on this long so im just quitting while im ahead i thank ya'll for everything

SIKE! i know you didnt think i was serious its no way i stop now shit i done got to deep in it .
but really i would send some heavy shout outs but due to the reputation of this blog some people would just take it as a diss.
but if i ever said ur name in this blog i truly thank you cuz without you there wouldnt be no blog.
and to the readers who read this every time i post em 'pericate your love and support.
i mean i've got a lot of bacclash off my cyber tirade's but i wouldnt change a thing.
but the new year is on us and '09 is coming and inno what my resolution is i guess just stay tru to myself.
and i know what your saying what the fucc kinda resolution is that and only if you could imagine.
how many people abandon themselves in just a year's time i've had some great times good times and some bad times.
i mean yeah this year could of been a whole better but it also could of been a whole lot worse.
meaning that 09 gonna be crazy and plus i get to put some tires on the streets this upcoming year.
so im already looking up you feel me.
but its some of ya'll reading like ..inno why im reading this shit and its probably because you checcing for ur name.
or you just like who the fucc is this nigga gonna talk shit about today.
and truthfully i dont do it to be a asshole it just turns out that way.

just remember when you say fucc that nigga or his blog succ or i wish his fingertips would just fall off or when i see that nigga ima...

-you aint the only one

you wont hear from me.. i mean this blog 'till the new year so roll you something or pour you something if thats what you do and watch the fireworks pop

Sincerely Yours,

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