Saturday, November 8, 2008


CREATiVE TiTlE RiGHT AHAHA BUT ANYWAY THiS iS 1 OF 3 i BEliEVE VERY AGGRESSiVE AND COMPlEX HEAVY METAPHOR POST'S SO EXPECT A lONG[ER] WAiT UNTil THE NEXT BlOG THiS FiRST ONE HERE iS CAllED "THE HOUSE" it isnt a a poem nor is it a story it's in-depth something i wrote and i wont tell you what it means use your minds if ya'll internet thugs got em ahahah

SO iM in this situation where i've been scopin' this house it looks nice good property value niggas like aye man buy that shit.
so i stacc enuff bread 2 buy this, this mothafuccin' castle and shit and i aint got nothing to put in the house.
a nigga broke now so every night i sit on the roof of this mothafuccin' castle with a glass of that celebration shit im celebrating every night.
just to be alive and to have this big ass house built new paid cash i aint got shit left but this house, this house is all a nigga got.

you know growing up niggas lived in dirty apartments and shit a nigga slappin' roaches off the the bed sheets just to go to sleep ya know.
my momma call she say boy im proud of you, you got something 2 call ya own now.
yeah so shit start gittin' good a nigga got furniture now a big ass fridge with food a nigga aint never seen.
just the good life yeah that MOTHAFUCCiN' GOOD LIFE but every now and again theres this guy in a benz 20 somethings big ass system tinted windows flyin' goin' 120 easy.
i can feel the breeze from the roof and shit and, and i invite my homies over and they spazzin' "yo man this shit is fuccin' crazy im so happy for you".
they enjoying themselves and shit all on the couch playing madden on the xbox after we throw bacc some of that expenivse shit.
the nigga gits to talking disrespectful "man this house aint shit i seen like 40 other niggas in a house just like this".
so im like fucc you! git the fucc outta my house. after everybody leave im on the roof again cup full of celebration and the bottle.
it's hella late, but i peep
the benz again flyin' same rims,windows,system all that bullshit.
i never really give the car any mind im just in the breeze doing me and git to thinkin' about what the homie told me.
but im like fucc it i bought this mothafucca but as the roof visits continue im feeling more spectual.
about this crib so in the middle of the night i catch myself in a dream, but the shit feel so fuccin' real.
not my house i tought i made a good investment i finally just say fucc it i stop sleepin' due 2 this house bullshit.
so i throw the for sale sign in the ground the next day i git a call for buyin' the house like a offer and shit.
its that dude in the fly ride i mean what he want with my house but i dont even question here's the keys.
so i got the checc and at first i had peace, but then i start feelin' more empty i miss sittin' on top of the roof of that mothafucca.
i get sleep but all i see is that roof man hella memories gittin' tore bacc with the homies.
on the phone talkin' 2 jesus and shit yeah i got his number .
so eventually i got a new house but the roof aint the same you know so now it's just like.


you aint gotta like me
cuz god love me

still bloggin' and aint givin' a fucc
do something!

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